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Our camper trailer tents are nothing but the best!!

EMU Soft Floor Camper Trailers Tents are nothing but the best.

Using military grade canvas for Homestead 12/18 tents. The 15.5oz ‘Tight Weave’ Canvas is used which has been designed to adhere to Australian Design Rules for manufacturing. Another feature of our canvas is that is comes pre weather treated and mould treated. This will help you when you need to weather your tent. But most of all, help with combating against the stinky mould that may arise if you need to pack your soft floor camper trailers up wet.

When you purchase an EMU soft floor camper trailer tents from EMU Camper Trailers you also get :

  • The main tent
  • Annex Roof including Walls and sealed floor
  • Plus all poles required to set up your annex

Our camper trailer tents have been proven to take on Australia’s different seasons from scorching heat to torrential rain, with the built in ‘Ozone Roof’ that helps to keep your main tent cooler in summer and warmer in winter, by up to 8 degrees. The material used for the ‘ozone roof’ has a silver reflective side that enables it to do what it is designed for, reflecting the suns rays.