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Camper Trailer Reviews are the first thing you should look for are if you are looking to buy a Camper Trailer.  Here are just some of our Emu camper trailer reviews.

The Emu Camper Trailers team redefine the ultimate experience in customer service and provision of a quality product.

 Not only do they manufacture locally built camper trailers (which is a big plus when looking for Australian made), they provide outstanding service at every level – pre-sales, sales and after sales.

After comparing their campers with the others in the market, Emu Camper Trailers were way out in front in terms of value for money, style and quality.

In fact, we made the decision to purchase our camper after attending the Gold Coast Caravan and Camping Expo where it was a very hot 28 degrees in winter.

The deciding point for us – the campers look outstanding when set up and that there was a noticeable difference in temperature inside the Homestead tents fitted to the camper trailers.

Having looked at nine different manufacturers, Emu Campers were at a lot cooler inside!

We decided to purchase the Emu Off Road 4X4 Camper Trailer with Homestead 18′ QE Tent and optional sleep out. Have been away already in our new camper (we called her Emily the Emu), and it was just as easy to set up as we were told (and their videos are a great refresher just before you go away).

There were also a number of people that stopped and looked at our camper, commenting on how great the whole setup looked. One lady even asked to have a look inside and was amazed as just how much room there was!

If you are in the market for a new camper trailer, I would highly recommend that you give the guys at Emu Camper Trailers a call to discuss what you want. Even better, try and get along to an expo where they are displaying their campers. It will be worth your while and save you some time. Go on.. start living the dream! It’s great in an Emu Camper Trailer!!

Great Visitor Post from Nathan Waters – Another happy Emu Campers Customer!

Thank you for a great trailer we brought in April – We have had so many weekends away, have become great at putting it up, my whole family loves it.  Nathan, Waters, 18 Dec 2016

Very happy with the tent; we just bought the tent and put it on our trailer, still looks as good as new. We use it on the beach and have traveled interstate a few times. Very quick and easy to set up for an overnight stay.

Keep getting comments that we have the Taj Mahal in camp grounds we stay at. Staff very helpful as well, recommend to anyone

Visitor Post on Facebook from Andrew Stone 10 Dec 2016

Got my wonderful new camper trailer home. Now to load it up and get away in it! Thank-you for the wonderful service you’ve provided. I’ll make sure I share some pictures of us out and about in it.

Emu camper trailers were professional and very knowledgeable! Our family loved that we could customize our camper trailer and no question was too hard and we were accommodated for exceptionally! Their products are high quality and reliable! We would definitely recommend EMU camper trailers!!!!

And Viv Springall seemed equally impressed!  

Great friendly team! Our young family loves our EMU. Easy to use, never get wet, fast to set up and pack down (even if just me doing it). Cheers guys, love your work! Have another 4 day weekend camping coming up in August Yay!

All of the Testimonials for Emu Camper Trailers below are 5 Star – Just like our Customer Service!

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Rhys and Liz, Thank you guys so much we absolutely love our new camper, your customer service is absolutely second to none in not only camper trailer sales but one of the most accommodating and helpful businesses on the gold coast. We got the camper home on Saturday and set it up and folded it back down & then a again Sunday (was much quicker this time ha ha). We cant wait to get on the road with it for our first weekend away.

Cheers, Ben & Deb Mitchell

Another great 5-star Review from a satisfied client, Brett Carlton …