EMU Camper Trailer Tent Setup Instructions

Here at EMU Campers we want your camping experience to be easy and stress free. We have put two types of Camper trailer tent setup instructions for you. Your choices are either video or a step by step written instructions. EMU wants you to enjoy your camp as soon as possible an we believe that these guides will help you achieve that.

Below is the 4 page step by step instructions on how to setup your EMU Camper Trailer Tent. This manual includes:

  • Components Supplied
  • Setting up your EMU Soft Floor Camper Trailers Main Tent
  • Annex Roof, Walls, Floor and Wind Flap  Setup
  • Packing down your EMU Camper Trailers

Video – Camper Trailer Tent Setup

This video will show you all the steps needed in 7 minutes, there are some tips and tricks in there as well.