• CHECK LIST – make a list and check everything off as you pack it in your Camper or vehicle. This will help to ensure you have planned what you need and that it’s all on board!
  • TRY OUT YOUR NEW GEAR AT HOME – if you’ve never camped before. This is a great tip as you will then know what to do when you arrive at your campsite and everything will be quick and you will be more efficient in setting up your tent and gear.
  • EMPTY PLASTIC DRINK BOTTLES MAKE GREAT ICE BRICKS – freeze them with water before you leave and drink the water as it thaws. If it’s cold, fill them with hot water for a simple hot water bottle (socks make good covers for average sized water bottles).
  • TAKE A SHELF FROM AN OLD OVEN – they make great grills by laying them over the fire. They can also be used as food warmers, by setting them up to the side of the coals on some rocks.
  • TIE HI-VISIBILITY TAPE TO TENT & GUY ROPES – it makes them easy to see at night and you’ll avoid tripping over them.
  • CARRY A FEW EXTRA ROPES & ROPE RUNNERS – 5mm diameter rope in 3 metre lengths is ideal. Rope runners are the “locks” that quickly secure and tie off the rope.  Extra rope can be used for a million things from washing lines to holding tarps down.
  • RUBBER THONGS FOR EVERYONE – is essential showering equipment! There’s nothing worse than trying to get clean if there’s any debris underfoot, or if you have to share showers with other people at the campsite.
  • HAND WIPES ARE HANDY – invaluable for cleaning hands, faces, tables, chairs and other bits and pieces.
  • GLO STICKS IN EMPTY PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES – make great night lights inside your tent – especially for the kids!
  • TAKE A LARGE 9 Litre PUMP-UP GARDEN SPRAY BOTTLE – add a thicker hose and bigger nozzle and fill it with warm water for a pressurized hot shower. 9 Litres is a good amount for a decent shower!
  • GARDEN SOLAR LIGHTS – make fantastic night lights and obviously don’t need batteries or gas. Use enough to highlight a path around your campsite at night.
  • GET TO THE CAMPSITE IN PLENT OF TIME – it’s surprising how much time is needed to get everything unpacked, in place and organised.
  • LOOK AROUND CAREFULLY FOR ANTS NESTS AND INSECT HOLES BEFORE PITCHING YOUR TENT – not a great idea to make your home on top of theirs!
  • SET UP A GROUND SHEET IN FRONT OF YOUR TENT – also add a rubber mat to this area and it will effectively eliminate 90% of dirt getting into the tent. A plastic clothes basket is handy to keep all the family’s shoes together and can easily be covered in wet weather.
  • USE A LARGE WATER DISPENSER AND TIE A ROLL OF PAPER TOWEL NEARBY – for a quick and easy hand washing station.
  • CUT CAPSICUMS CROSS WAYS INTO RINGS TO USE AS EGG RINGS ON THE BBQ – great to eat with bacon and toast for breakfast.