History of Emu Camper Trailers

We have had extensive experience in this industry, designing our first camper trailer brands way back in 1969 and as these photos show, it bears a close similarity to today’s campers. Back then, we toured without the comfort of air conditioning in our 4×4’s although Engel had just released their compressor fridges to keep our food and beverages cool. I can remember pouring petrol onto a can of hot beer and swinging it around our heads on a string in the mistaken belief that the evaporation would drop the temperature of the amber fluid below 100° F!

What makes Emu Camper Trailers Different?

As you are negotiating directly with our experienced team and not commissioned salespeople, we take great pride in ensuring we match the correct model Emu trailer to your tow vehicle and your intended usage. 

To enable you to enjoy your holidays in comfort and safety, Emu Camper Trailers are equipped with features to ensure you continue to enjoy your trips for years to come.

Emu Camper Trailers offer the following benefits to you:

  • We are an Australian company with a national networks of showrooms and workshops, with local knowledge of the tough Australian environment.
  • Emu Tents are designed by us, and suited to handle a wide variety of weather situation, utilising the latest heavy duty 15.2oz  canvas.
  • Extensive range of designs to suit most clients’ particular needs.
  • A high quality waterproof awning, including zip on walls, is supplied as standard on all designs.
  • Annex walls are included to fully enclose the annex along with a removable hard wearing floor.
  • Our designs include both internal and external windows for convenience if it starts to rain, yet still offers ventilation inside the tent.
  • All windows have mini awnings that can be pegged out
  • Queen Plus size innerspring mattress beds.
  • All windows are insect proof.
  • Reinforced stress points..
  • Innerspring mattress standard on all models.
  • Large windows that are not so big that they weaken the tent structure.
  • Internal storage pockets.
  • Double stitched seams.

Guaranteed Quality

Quality control is very important to Emu Camper Trailers and with our Australian based tent designers ongoing research and development, we will remain the innovative Camper Trailer Tent suppliers and  market leaders in Australia.